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Otsego is located in SW lower MI
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Otsego : Then & Now           


         "Otsego-Then & Now"

This 96 page soft cover book by local historian and author Ryan Wieber,
is a collection of  vintage photographs compared against modern shots of the same scenes. All images highlight the interesting changes to the historic town of Otsego over the past one hundred years.

Price: $20.00 available at the  museum or mail-order.

"Images of America - Otsego And Plainwell"

This 128 page soft cover book, by local authors and historians Ryan Wieber and Sandy Stamm, is a history of the communities of Otsego and Plainwell illustrated with historic pictures and well documented captions.  

Price: $20.00 available at the museum or mail-order.

1880 Birdseye View of Otsego

This fine print of the 1880 Birdseye View of Otsego, will look great matted and framed, and is available at the museum.  The view features names and numbered locations of the local businesses of the time.

Price: $5.00 at the museum

"As It Was In Otsego"

This 64 page, soft covered booklet is an excellent history of Otsego, written in 1975 by local historians Archie Nevins and Dorothy Dalrymple.  Several photographs and a detailed timeline from 1831 - 1975 are included in this wonderful booklet. 

Price: $5.00, available at the museum or mail-order.


"Memories of Pine Creek"

This 27 page, soft covered booklet, written in 1983 by local historian Dorothy Dalrymple, is the history of Pine Creek, a small settlement about 1 mile west of Otsego.    The settlement of Pine Creek was started in 1831, and gave way to the backwaters of the Kalamazoo River in the very early 1900's, after hydroelectric power dams were placed in the river.

Price: $5.00, available at the museum or mail-order.


"As The Automobile Came To Otsego"

This 16 page, soft covered booklet, was assembled by Dorothy Dalrymple in 1965 from newspaper articles found in the old Otsego Union files.  The booklet features a detailed timeline from 1901 - 1965, as Otsego transitioned from the "Horse age", to the "Automatic Age."

Price: $3.00, available at the museum or mail-order.



"One Fought On"

A biography of Corporal Lee A. Horton from Otsego, MI beginning in the early 1900's; it chronicles his life, wars, losses and loves.  Corporal Lee A. Horton found his destiny serving on three warfronts; the Philippines, the Mexican Border, and the maelstrom of World War I. The story is filled with the true life military experiences of a young American coming of age between 1908 and 1919, passed down through his family for generations.

Price: $10.00, available at the museum or mail-order.

"The Poetry Of Janie Wood Watters"

Jane Wood was born in 1886 in Allegan County, Michigan. She grew up on a farm in Trowbridge Township near the Kalamazoo River. Her poems reflect her love for the peace and comfort the river gave her.






Price: $10.00, available at the museum or mail-order.


Words by Pete Campbell is a collection of one Man's memories from the past and thoughts from his heart. It is written as a journal, inspired by words from the dictionary and by words that popped into his head.




Price: $10.00, available at the museum or mail-order.
Other Things For Sale
Historical town view postcards Price: $1.00 each, or 4 for $3.00
Allegan County History Book Price: $3.00
Allegan County Heritage Trail CD Price: $12.00


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